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Adult Class Descriptions

All adult classes are open to individuals ages 16 and over, who wish to study dance and fitness in a safe, professional environment. Whether you take class regularly, haven’t taken class in 20 years, or have never danced or exercised, Sunshine Dance Studio has dance or fitness classes just right for you.

Pilates/ Yoga Fitness Duo
The one hour and 15 minutes Pilates/Hatha Yoga class starts with 45 minutes of beginner/intermediate Pilates Mat strengthening and toning exercises that provide a full body workout. All exercises can be modified to benefit individuals with varying fitness levels.The class concludes with 30 minutes of tranquil, soothing Hatha Yoga breathing and stretching poses to calm the body, mind and spirit. You will feel stronger, peaceful and calmer following this effective and helpful combination class..

Pilates Mat
Sunshine Dance Studio offers group, private and semi-private instruction in all levels of Pilates mat. Our Pilates instructors are certified in mat instruction.

Mat 1 Beginner Level - Open Class

Designed for those new to Pilates.

Mat 2 Intermediate Level - Open Class

Intermediate Mat is designed for those familiar with Beginners Pilates Mat.

Mat 3 Advanced Level - Open Class

Advanced Mat is designed for those familiar with Intermediate Pilates Mat.

Mat Classes Single Class $15 or 10 Classes $100

Mat classes are the original method, on a mat, with minimal or no props.


More on Pilates
Sunshine Dance Studio Mat Classes consist of the original method of physical fitness as designed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates Mat provides a unique, full body workout that can be modified to benefit individuals with varying fitness levels. A series of controlled movements, Pilates uses the abdominals, lower back, thighs and buttocks as the body's "powerhouse" to stabilize and control movement. Targeting the deeper muscles in the body, Pilates focuses on core stabilization, making the participant stronger from their physical center. Pilates is a safe, sensible and intelligent form of exercise that will help you look and feel your best, regardless of your age or condition.


Ballet classes emphasize development of coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, posture, rhythm. and the discipline and focus necessary for the learning of classical ballet. An elite-level sport but also a highly refined art, ballet is an exacting science and demands incredible attention to detail. We take our ballet technique training seriously, while offering classes in a nurturing, comfortable, and fun studio atmosphere.

Our pointe technique class serves beginners in their first time up in the shoes to seasoned professionals maintaining fundamentals. Starting with an intense barre warm-up series to strengthen deep muscles in the legs and feet, the class progresses slowly to center work and variation practice. Alignment and correct foot placement in the shoes are emphasized for a solid, healthy approach to pointe work. A hands-on teaching style ensures all students receive personal attention to reach their pointe goals.

Jazz/Hip Hop
Students participate in fun, exciting, and energetic classes that focus on classic jazz technique and the most popular hip hop dance moves as they develop coordination, body awareness, build self-esteem and confidence.

This class is designed for those individuals who are willing to have as much fun as possible! Come and learn such steps as "shuffle off to buffalo", the "shim sham" and the simple "time step". The basics of tap will be given after a brief warm up. Combinations will be worked on in every class and music of all eras will be included. Everything from Big Band to Jazz and Rhythm and Blues will be explored.Tap shoes are required.

There are many different ways and styles to experience Swing Dance. The style taught at Sunshine Dance Studio by professional swing dancer Miss April was originally taught by Frankie Manning known as the Ambassador of Lindy Hop (see more info on Frankie Manning & Miss April below).

Our Swing class focuses on connecting with your partner, musicality and just having fun on the dance floor! Each class includes a stretching warm up and solo jazz swing technique for use in partner dancing. Students will then be paired to learn basic, intermediate and more advanced partnered swing dance steps. Students will learn both “lead” and “follow” roles and partners will rotate during class.This class is open to both individuals and couples.

In the 1940’s Frankie Manning was a member of the legendary company, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, and can be seen dancing in the popular 1941 film, “Hellzapoppin,” with Norma Miller known as the Queen of Swing. In 1982, Manning and other swing legends brought swing dancing back into the social dance spotlight.  Manning went on to co-choreograph the Broadway Musical, “Black and Blue”, for which he received a Tony award in 1989.  Manning founded the swing company, Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, of which Sunshine Dance Studio instructor Miss April has been a member for four years.

Incorporating piano, drums and exciting memorable music, this class focuses on your center, range of motion, balance, musicality and sense of drama and is designed to introduce the dancer to Horton and Graham techniques, the key foundation techniques of modern dance. This class is designed to improve harmony of movement through an expressive flowing series of combinations integrating classical ballet with the freedom of airier modern dance. Learning builds throughout each week to fine-tune the body and develop artistic and emotional performance. Students should have some prior experience with modern dance and/or ballet. FALL 2019 GAGA CONTEMPORARY TECHNIQUE WITH MICHAEL “MJ” EDWARDS.

Horton Technique
Dance to drums, piano and exciting memorable music as you learn the dance technique of Lester Horton. By focusing on your center, range of motion, balance, musicality and sense of drama, Horton technique builds core strength that prepares the individual for any type of dance they may wish to follow.

This modern dance experience is tailored for the intermediate student thru professional and includes technique exercises performed standing, on the floor and exciting "across the floor" dance combinations.

Horton Technique (the technique of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and many others, is a universal technique, and is an important foundation for anyone interested in contemporary dance, from Hip Hop to Jazz and Theater Dance. Horton strengthens and increases the physical and expressive range of everyone who studies the technique. Students should have some prior experience with modern dance and/or ballet. Open to all professionals.

Private Sessions
For students of any age, at any level of training, private intensive instruction is available.
For more information contact us at (914) 618-8419.

Ages 12 - Adults
Fun and easy to do, Zumba fitness class is an very exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music. You'll forget you're working out! It's exhilarating and effective, using interval training combining fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout while at the same time targeting your legs, abs, glutes and arms. A fun way to become a healthier.