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Children & Teens Class Descriptions

Sunshine Dance Studio offers its young students (ages 3-17) technically sound dance and fitness education in a fun, supportive, professional environment; we strive to produce beautiful, young dancers that move with grace and confidence in life. Our recreational series and pre-professional training is open to both children and teens. Participation by students in the annual dance recital is an optional, exciting component of the training at Sunshine Dance Studio.

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement

This creative movement dance class provides an introduction to many dance styles including ballet, modern and folk and promotes key skills such as: coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, posture and rhythm. Your budding dance tot is guaranteed a fun packed 45 minutes, taught through creative imagery and role play they will learn the basis of classical technique while building body awareness, self-confidence, focus, motor and social skills.

Adaptive Creative Movement

Our Adaptive Creative Movement classes are designed for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental challenges and others who may need a little bit more 1:1 instruction, time, or space for creativity to discover new ways to express themselves. Activity songs and age appropriate movement will be layered into classical ballet, folk, jazz and hip hop dance to ensure that everyone is excelling and having fun. Movement and dance help students of all ability levels with body awareness, social interaction, self-confidence, focus, motor skills, confidence and creative expression. Call in advance to schedule a free placement appointment/ trial class (914) 618-8419.

Acro Dance/Acro Swing

This fun introductory tumbling class promotes flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration thru fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn hand/eye/foot coordination, basic skills and safety awareness.

Acrobatics is the art of blending dance movement and tumbling. It includes strength training and in depth stretching. Incorporated into dance, acro enhances movement, creating a stunning performance involving great agility and complexity. Learn the correct technique and form to execute two & one-handed cartwheels, pop cartwheels, handstands, two & one-leg backbends. Sunshine Dance Studio offers unique training in acrobatic Swing Dance techniques including aerials and floor stunts jumps, lifts, slides and spins.

Intro To Ballet

Introduction to ballet for the 6 and 7 year old covers the basic forms of ballet and theatrical dancing. Essential skills such as coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, posture and rhythm are taught as well as performing choreography. Body awareness, self-confidence, focus, motor and social skills are emphasized.

Ballet (Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 Ballet classes emphasize development of coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, posture, rhythm. and the discipline and focus necessary for the learning of classical ballet. An elite-level sport but also a highly refined art, ballet is an exacting science and demands incredible attention to detail. We take our ballet technique training seriously, while offering classes in a nurturing, comfortable, and fun studio atmosphere. Pre-requisite: Intro to Ballet, 1 year of ballet or audition.


Our pointe technique class serves beginners in their first time up in the shoes to seasoned professionals maintaining fundamentals. Starting with an intense barre warm-up series to strengthen deep muscles in the legs and feet, the class progresses slowly to center work and variation practice. Alignment and correct foot placement in the shoes are emphasized for a solid, healthy approach to pointe work. A hands-on teaching style ensures all students receive personal attention to reach their pointe goals.

Jazz/ Hip Hop

Students participate in fun, exciting, and energetic classes that focus on classic jazz technique and the most popular hip hop dance moves as they develop coordination, body awareness, build self-esteem and confidence.

Drama/Musical Theater

If your child loves acting, singing and dancing this class is perfect for them.  Our Drama/Musical Theater classes will help to nurture essential life skills including building confidence, clear communication and teamwork by providing an opportunity to discover their flair for acting and musical endeavors.

Using improvisation games, drama exercises, vocal and movement studies, script work, singing and choreography, young performers will start building the skills and confidence needed to act and/or perform in a musical theatre show. A supportive and encouraging environment will be provided so students feel safe exploring and learning, while creating their performances. The opportunity to perform for family and friends will take place at the end of each semester.

Theater addresses the skills which benefit children's education and development in five general areas: physical development/kinesthetic skills, artistic development /drama and theater skills, mental development/thinking skills, personal development/intra-personal skills, and social development/interpersonal skills. Students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores.


Sunshine’s Warm-Up/Stretch class prepares and motivates your whole body for activity.  Exciting music sets the tone for this fun experience that includes both dynamic and static movement designed to raise body temperature, increase blood flow, and make muscles ready for class. Proper form and safety are emphasized as you learn  stretching exercises to increase strength, flexibility, muscle tone and posture. Great for your body, mind and spirit!

Lyrical/Jazz Fusion

Lyrical/Jazz Fusion class incorporates contemporary, jazz and ballet dance techniques into a passionate and emotional style.  

Dancers are challenged through choreography to use motion to interpret music and express emotion, telling a story through every movement made.

This style of dance has relatively recent history and is mainly performed to music with lyrics, and the song's lyrics are often a driving force and key inspiration for the movement. Lyrical/Jazz Fusion choreography is emotional, gripping, and exquisitely delicate, simultaneously.

There are many different ways and styles to experience Swing Dance. The style taught at Sunshine Dance Studio by professional swing dancer Miss April was originally taught by Frankie Manning known as the Ambassador of Lindy Hop (see more info on Frankie Manning & Miss April below).

Swing class at Sunshine focuses musicality and just having fun on the dance floor! Each class includes a stretching warm up and solo jazz swing technique for use as an individuals or in partner dancing. Students learn basic, intermediate and more advanced solo swing dance steps and the role of the both “lead” and “follow” in swing partner dance.This class is open to both individuals and couples.

In the 1940’s Frankie Manning was a member of the legendary company, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, and can be seen dancing in the popular 1941 film, “Hellzapoppin,” with Norma Miller known as the Queen of Swing. In 1982, Manning and other swing legends brought swing dancing back into the social dance spotlight.  Manning went on to co-choreograph the Broadway Musical, “Black and Blue”, for which he received a Tony award in 1989.  Manning founded the swing company, Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, of which Sunshine Dance Studio instructor Miss April has been a member for four years.

Pilates/Yoga Fitness Duo

The one hour and 15 minutes Pilates/Hatha Yoga class starts with 45 minutes of beginner/intermediate Pilates Mat strengthening and toning exercises that provide a full body workout. All exercises can be modified to benefit individuals with varying fitness levels.The class concludes with 30 minutes of tranquil, soothing Hatha Yoga breathing and stretching poses to calm the body, mind and spirit. You will feel stronger, peaceful and calmer following this effective and helpful combination class.

Intro Tap

Intro Tap class will include rudimentary basics with an emphasis on rhythm, coordination and body alignment. Every class will start with a warm up and gentle stretching moving into tap basics. Emphasis is placed on understanding rhythm by counting out music and clapping out different patterns of rhythm before trying movement to the music. The class will assist each child in developing stage presence and confidence. Tap shoes are required.


This class is designed for those individuals who are willing to have as much fun as possible! Come and learn such steps as "shuffle off to buffalo", the "shim sham" and the simple "time step". The basics of tap will be given after a brief warm up. Combinations will be worked on in every class and music of all eras will be included. Everything from Big Band to Jazz and Rhythm and Blues will be explored. Tap shoes are required.

Modern/Contemporary Dance

Incorporating piano, drums and exciting memorable music, this class focuses on your center, range of motion, balance, musicality and sense of drama and is designed to introduce the dancer to Horton and Graham techniques, the key foundation techniques of modern dance. This class is designed to improve harmony of movement through an expressive flowing series of combinations integrating classical ballet with the freedom of airier modern dance. Learning builds throughout each week to fine-tune the body and develop artistic and emotional performance. Students should have some prior experience with modern dance and/or ballet.

Choreography Workshop

The choreography workshop allows a student to develop his or her own creative movements using multiple dance techniques with the organized guidance of the instructor. Students will pick their own music (which will be approved by the instructor) and create a work for a solo dancer and a group. Students will also learn how to break down combinations in order to teach other students effectively

and patiently. This class will give students the ability to pick up choreography quickly and confidently in all of their classes. This class encourages respect and patience for their fellow classmates and choreographers, while increasing memorization, organization skills, and musicality skills. The important dance and life skills of learning how to follow throughout on a project from start to finish using your own creatively is emphasized throughout the workshop. Students will need to bring their headphones and music source to class (mp3 player, ipod, iphone, etc), we can hook up their music device to the stereo system to share music and choreography with classmates.

Private Sessions

For students of any age, at any level of training, private intensive instruction is available.
For more information contact us at 914-618-8419.