“I started my granddaughter @ Sunshine Dance Studio about a year ago. I chose it primarily, because I heard that there was little pressure and pure enjoyment. This has turned out to be very true. While students are motivated and encouraged, individual ability is always considered. I appreciate that Miss Claudia is consistently honest about class placement, taking into account a child’s age, skill, as well as personality. My granddaughter has acquired enhanced coordination, skill, confidence, and new friends as well. The teachers are phenomenal and the students and parents are most welcoming. Sunshine Dance is a wonderful and happy place to be….so glad we are a part of it!”

Diane E.

"At Sunshine Dance Studio we were able to find a place where our daughter not just learned ballet but also enjoy the process of learning technique in a fun way. Ms. Claudia is an excellent teacher and her exceptional instructors create a great environment". Marie Pagan

“Sunshine Dance Studio is the best dance experience my girls have ever had! They love it and I do too. Ms. Claudia is awesome with the kids. The studio offers a welcoming environment to all. My daughters joined this summer and were received with open arms by the staff and the veteran kids. I had my oldest daughter in a dance studio in New York City years ago and the environment was cold and unwelcoming to children. We are so happy to have found Sunshine Dance Studio!!! By the way, my best part from a parent's standpoint is that at the end of each session, the parents are allowed to see a sneak preview of our child's progression. I look forward to this every time!” Sharon Ortega

“Miss Claudia and the other instructors put together a great (holiday) performance and gave all of us a chance to see what our children are learning in a great atmosphere.  Thank you for doing what you do!!!!  We won’t forget Railyn’s first dance recital and can’t wait for the spring performance!” Judith Capasso

From The Blog “Newsmomgering”

“We found a dance studio that fosters friendships over competition and technique over placements.  I would never let my child dance for the devil on the dance show aforementioned.  I cannot see myself as a competitor against other dancer’s mothers.  All of that is nonsense to me, and while it might make for interesting television programming, I have zero need for the drama in my real life.  At Sunshine Dance Studio in Orange County, New York, my sweet girl has found a sense of self, a group of friends, and an outlet for her artistic expression.”

“The May recital was semi-professional.  A student from the studio has gone on to receive scholarships to Alvin Ailey and acceptance at The Performing Arts High School in NYC.  The head instructor herself attended this school and danced for Alvin Ailey.  Yet, instead of competition the atmosphere is one of acceptance and camaraderie.  The moms talk outside of class, and there isn’t a feeling of one-up-mom-ship.  It’s actually been enjoyable, and my fear is diminishing.”

“Through the studio, my daughter has made friends with older and younger dancers.  She admires and looks up to the older girls, and she likes mentoring and modeling for the younger ones.  She enjoys wearing her Sunshine (Dance Studio) apparel outside of the studio as it gives her a sense of belonging, and she talks nonstop about dance and “her studio” and tells everyone she meets they should join.” Stacee Nunez